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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> john: drivers start your engines. >> amy: the 58th daytona 500 is here. it's an experience like never before. >> a lot of history. super glad to be back down. >> john: the world's first motor
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sellout crowd. >> you can see the flag stands. it's as high as we are. [engines roaring]. >> this is your all access pass to racing's biggest event. live from daytona international speedway starts right now. . >> john: the sun is coming up at daytona international speedway. we have a live view of the world center of racing. it is bigger, it is better, and we have a big weekend on tap. good morning. welcome to "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> . >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. a very special morning for us live here from the daytona 500 weekend. we're anticipating big, big things. >> last night i was here for the races.
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and he was really emotional. winning that on the anniversary of his father's death. he said that's not lost on me. people were tweeting him. that was a great moment here on the track. >> amy: absolutely. he said it means so much to him that 15 years people are still talking about it and remember his dad so fondly. and kyle busch winning in canam enough two. a big year for kyle busch after what happened last year. >> john: it is. people will come to the track and they'll see a lot of changes. they spent a lot of money. >> they spend $400 million. and we'll speak to track president joey chitwood. and race cars on the track will be seen on the road soon. how the ford fusion is designing. >> amy: the chaos, the
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the twitter mirror jeopardy style questions. i don't know if the drivers like it or hate it. #-gs they are very active on social media. they like it maybe more than other sports because they know how to relate to the fans. that's one of the big differences between the drivers here and other pro sports we cover. >> amy: there's an intimacy there. let's talk about the poles. after the canams we have the line up.|h >> dale ern hart jr. gets in front with six laps to go. he takes the checkered flag. the 15th anniversary of the death of his father. the win earns him a third flays start. matt kenseth got in a crash in the final lap of the duals. he expects to use a backup car meaning he will have to start in the back of the pack.
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second row. we have chase elliot, son of bill el-out out front. and matt kenseth will move back because of the crash. other notables. karl edwards, and danica patrick at 16. a lot of changes but one thing remains the same. they have a fishing hole not too far from us, and jayme king seems to find the fishing tournament each and every time. never too cold for him to go fishing. not even lasts year when it was 28 degrees. >> jayme: i can't see you but i hear you. i am happy as you know, on the surfboard, or here on the water on the dock. it's a fabulous morning, albeit a cool one. you can see the strato ku clouds
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no big deal. by sunday, the winds relax. we have that much more opportunity to heat things up and race time temps in the mid-70s and, of course, that bright florida sunshine you know and love. i do want to update you on your current temperatures. we're live and local. and we have a blend of 40s and 50s. brevard county, along the melbourne area, and the water temperature there is a little warmer. you get the influence there. we're a bit warmer there, in the 60s. the hour-by-hour forecast is delightful. look at this. nice. it'll be cooler as you draw closer to the coastal volusia area. temps around 71. in the deeper interior, orange, seminole, western, volusia, lake, and heights of 73 or so by 2:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., 69. 63 by 8:00 p.m. tonight. our sat rad and infrared satellite showing the increase
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no rain tied to that yet. i say yet because the rain chance actually coming up by tuesday. strengthening low pressure out of the gulf of mexico. we look for scattered showers and isolated storms we'll come to you from track side of lake lloyd. >> gina: happy friday. we have a crash in the center median in maitland. we have emergency vehicles there. not looking anything significant right now , but` be aware if you are passing through there. we have a crash in volusia. we have a lot of people out there for the races. be aware of this one. a1a near silvia street. it just cleared up. so good news there. everything is looking really nice on i-4. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes. the 408 is up to speed as well.
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the suspects in the deadly nightclub shooting in orlando are expected to be in court later this morning. >> un-with of the suspects is expected to be charged with additional charges. >> reporter: the shooting here killed two and injured eight others. 21-year-old man was arrested he is facing first degree murder. 23-year-old man also arrested and he was arrested last week but he is facing more charge including a felon in possession of a gun. they are trying to determine if it's gang related. the suspects will be facing a judge. one this court at 9:00 a.m., and
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human remains were found. >> a survey crew found the skull in daytona beach. a few miles west of i-95. deputies are looking into whether it may be the remains of a homeless man who disappeared back in 2014. today investigators will@ keep looking for more bones and any evidence that can help identify the remains. in osceola county, parents on the edge after two threats were made. a second threat was made prompting a lockun. police determined both threats were not credible. and the school district is off today for the rode row. in orlando, there's no sign of a missing baby girl.
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richardson is still in jail. she gave birth but she is not saying anything about where the baby is. they found a placenta and umbilical cord in the parking lot of the willow bay apartments. they have been flushing the sewer system near the apartment complex. she is charged in multiple charges. how different does the speedway look? >> it does look different. john and amy have details on all of the new things you will see. >> john: good morning. it's amazing what $400 million will buy. it's amazing. i had not been out here much since last year. and just to see the changes out here. >> amy: it's beautiful. >> john: it welcomes you. you pull up, and you thing, wow, this looks good.
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a lot of things are brand new. daytona rising. 5 expanded entrance, different levels, social areas, wider, more comfortable seating, and i am pretty sure they added cup holders. that's a big deal. and twiceny restrooms. and great concession qulrs. we're joined by the track president, the man that made i all happen, joey chitwood. >> even covering some of the newspapers, raise for rising. what are you hearing from some of the long time fans? the first time they've seen it. >> it's interesting seeing so many fans coming, talking to me, and blowing them away. seems we hit them on both sides. wide concourses, and our partners and their activation. it's like when you walk around, there's nooks and crannies to check out.
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one down and three to go. one down and three to go. a go and a half year project. $400 million. the stress, the pressure. you want it here as quickly as it can. then you want it over so you can catch your breath. it takes on a lot of extra responsibility. 10,000 signs that we needed to get approved with content, and located the right way. all of the little details that had to be set. and the team did a great job. >> amy: after last year we were freezing. it ended up being okay except for the morning. >> you get the 10 day forecast and if you don't like it you appreciate --you refresh it 10 times a day. the weather we can't control, and that can be the most frustrating thing. >> john: what are you most proud of?
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but, ah, you should see the ...? >> the marquee sign and the entrance. and before nothing really caught your attention. it was a grandstand. and some banners up. now, in the east coast of florida. that sign is lit up. you will see the daytona international speedway, we're the world center of racing. the aha moment. i have to pull over and take a selfie behind me. that's the signature statement that we needed. i think anybody somebody rubbernecking. oh, my gosh, the invecter partners, and the sunoco, chevy, toyota, and it looks fantastic. i don't think anyone can argue it's a stadium. a motor sports stadium, and we nailed it. >> amy: everyone will try to copy you now. >> that's fine. we're daytona, we need to be setting the tone.
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from us, and copy us from there. >> what are they saying? >> great text messages. jeff gordon walking around in the grandstands in the stadium and blown away. he thought it was big league. this is what you expect when you come to daytona, and living up to it. >> john: a weirdest complaint of all time. you see the new sprint vision monster tv behind you. and people were at home in their living room. that tv 1 so big. it's like they're at home in the living room watching the massive tv. >> what's interesting, we have new jumbo boards. we decided to put one on the back side. it was a great place to put it. relocated the stage. made enhancements here in fan zone. the attention to detail has been
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we tried to nail everything. and $400 million. a mile long stadium. i still don't get it when they build for billions of dollars, and we built for $400 million of private money. >> amy: you'll and nfl presidents calling you. >> we learned a lot of lesson, and we're happy to share. thank you so much. >> john: still to come on our special road show here at the daytona 500. some of what you see on the tracks come to the public streets. the new ford fusion. street and track vehicles. jayme king, have some of the racers shown up to do a little fishing? >> jayme: not just yet, john. we're watching and waiting on the boats to move across the water.
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the weathe 7:17. tough to find a better place to catch the sunrise.
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drivers are preparing for the big daytona 500. they started early this week with rvs. we'll check in later with david. one of my favorite parts of the show. and jayme king has the front row view of all of this. a gorgeous shot of the sunrise. >> jayme: yes, i do, guys. as we get our bearings here, you can see that things are looking pretty nice at this time. a little on the breezy side. cool all morning long. overall we're ready for fishing first. racing second on sunday. weather details. current temperatures live and local, 40s, 50s, and 60s. if you go to the satellite next, i want to show you the puffy clouds moving in off the atlantic. there's no rain tied to this. it'll be the case, i think, mainly for today and tomorrow, saturday. but by sunday, the wind looks to relax a lot, especially the stuff blowing in off the ocean now.
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and we get rid of cloud cover, and sunshine, and that equates to somewhat warmer temperatures. and you see by 2:00 p.m. we're at 73. the race forecast, you can see that track side here we're a touch cooler than the interior sections, some of the interior counties. the bottom line, 71. and 73 on saturday. on sunday, 75. a blend of sun and clouds during that time. but, again, at least we're dry and nowhere near as cold as this time last year. it was a chiller, indeed, in this time frame last year. we're blessed with better weather overall. nationally speaking, looking towards the rockies, there's a vigorous system. that will bring a sharp increase, up tick, in the rain chances. and higher rain chance on tuesday at 50% and 30% by
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wednesday. and very windy behind. until then we'll get lashed darn good with west, and northwest winds and some cooling, 69 by next thursday. we're live at lake lloyd waiting for the armada of fishing boats. they're slowly pulling up. and we'll hope to do bass fishing here in quick fashion. back to you in the studios. >> gina: happy friday. all of the major roads looking nice. i-4 westbound, from lake mary to colonial, 15 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions downtown, 13 minutes. the 408 is looking good. it's up to speed as well. time now for the fox 35 pump regular gas $1.57 at the speedway in casselberry. check out gas saving tips on the
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and click on traffic. you decide 2016. it'll be a big weekend in south carolina and nevada. one day away from for what could be a make or break primary. for the first time bernie sanders topped hillary clinton in a national pop. sanders with 47% with clinton 44%. on the republican side, trump leads nationwide, 36%, and cruz, with 19%, and rube iowa, 13 -- rubio, 13%, and jeb bush and ben carson with 9%. if he wants to address illegal immigration by building a wall alone the u.s. and mexico border. >> for a religious leader to
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>> he talks about having a wall is not christian. he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican. >> i don't thinks it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he knows what his faith is. >> the republican primary in south carolina and the democratic caucus in nevada will both be held tomorrow. >> it'll be interesting to see the numbers coming in for sure. still ahead, we're talking live with an elite member of the thunder birds. >> and taking the ford fusion from the track to the street. how the car used on the track and the one that you can buy are almost identical. >> i will take the one with the no. 2 on it. >> i want the one. that goes on the track.
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i'm in love with my car >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." there's a live look this morning at some of the semi tractor trailers in the infield. you widen outing and i don't know how big the infield compares to other tracks but it's got to be one of the largest.
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you can fit. hundreds and hundreds of campers and cars, and, oh, a lake. >> it may not be the biggest, but it's the biggest party. >> amy: yes, by far. >> john: it wasn't that long ago that the cars the drivers raced around were called stock, stock car racings. >> amy: there's a move to put the stock back into the stock cars. and fox 35 tom johnson has more. >> reporter: have you noticed anything different on nascar vehicles on the track? manufacturers say they're trying to put the stock back in stock cars, at least on the outside. if you look closely at greg biffle's ford geution fusion, you see exteriors that look much like the ones you see on the street. a new production ford fusion and brad keselowskis version.
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setup and you will see it for yourself. >> they want to see the car they buy in the showroom on the race track. >> reporter: it starts with the general profile. >> the sill sweat -- the silhouette is very similar. >> reporter: it's more than similar. >> character and body lines, on the top of the body side. >> reporter: why work to make them more and more alike? simple. marketing. >> you want to characterize and associate with a winner as a fan. therefore they want to see the car that they can buy in the showroom on the race track. >> reporter: going really fast. tom johnson. >> it's all about winning. >> reporter: fox 35 news. >> amy: very cool. >> john: i just want a real race car. >> amy: that would be fun, wouldn't it? you can't take it very fast down the interstate. still ahead, we'll talk to
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birds about the flyover. >> john: if you live in the area, that will be really cool. it's on our road show. "good day orlando" live at daytona international speedway on your friday morning. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share.
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welcome back to "good day orlando." live at daytona international speedway. we're showing you all track this morning. it's still weird. on the back stretch, not to see the stands it's weird. everybody moves to one side. it's a sellout. a lot of attention on the new track. >> amy: i like it better this way. it feels a little strange to not have the fans back there, but i think everybody is happier being in the front. >> john: i think so. and everybody will be packed on this side, and the concerts this weekend, and it'll be awesome. a couple hundred thousand of your best friends here for the big party. the names to know. some local names you may want to know this weekend.
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gerard butler. and john sena. and you may recognize the kelly name because his dad has been the anywayer of more -- the mayor of ormond beach.g we'll talk to@ him with his son's success coming up. >> john: and actor gerard butler serves as the grand marshal of the daytona 500 and deliver the famous words "drivers start your engines." his voice is much better than mine. >> amy: and john sena is the honorary pace car driver for the daytona 500. and a huge nascar fan. and his daughter is a huge fan, john's daughter. >> john: she is. i said that john sena would be here, and she had her nicky shirt on.
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it'll be a lot of fun to have him on the show. >> amy: can't wait. jayme, think back a year ago today. do you remember how cold we were? this is refreshing. >> jayme: yeah. i remember i was doing a tap dance to keep warm. and there was a party on the dock on lake lloyd the night before, and there was frozen beer, of all things, because it was freezing cold. and one of my good buddies out here on the boats here. and we have the darrell gwynn foundation this morning. by sunday we're doing a little bit of racing. and current temperatures up through the 40s, 350s, and i have 6 30s in brevard county. as we go over to the hour-by-hour forecast, you will notice ample sun and passing clouds.
7:34 am
the deep pockets of central florida. the sat rad shows ocean blown clouds and the winds blin to relax big time. and allowing for more extra warmth. and the next seven featuring a high close to 80 degrees. the next system makes an approach. the southerly wind helps to contribute to a rising chance of rain. >> gina: happy friday. we have a couple of new crashes that i want to tell you about. the first one here is on semoran at oleander drive and causing some delays. be awaish as you are traveling through there. and another one just cleared a alafaya at lake cypress. seeing significant delays on alafaya. and taking a look at drive times. everything is looking okay on
7:35 am
fairbanks the attractions to drown -- attractions to downtown. 18 minutes. developing now, the suspects in the deadly nightclub shooting in orlando are expected to be in court this morning. one of the suspects is facing more charges. andrea jackson has a update. >> reporter: good morning to you. that shooting happened here at the glitz ultra-lounge nightclub, 12 days ago, february 7. killed two and injured eight hours. police arrested a 21-year-old man facing several charges including attempted first degree murder. and detectives re-arrested another man who was originally
7:36 am
he is being charged as a felon in possession of a gun. and they are trying to determine if this was a gang related shooting. they both will be appearing before a judge today. eight students are recovering after a bus crash at universal studios. >> this happened last night around 6:45. a spokesperson with universal said a shuttle bus for a private school was in one of the parking garages. the driver took a wrong turn. went the wrong way inside the garage. and they tried to stop but the driver kept on going and hit an overhead beam. eight on board were taken to the hospital. admitted to shooting three
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2012 and two died. they said that the death penalty is no longer an option following the supreme court decision that florida's death penalty is unconstitutional. >> this man is arrested and facing child pornography charge. he has been charged with 10 counts of possession. they learned his computer was being used to share the images. police in miami are boycotting beyonce. >> all due to her new music video. they have refused to work security for the upcoming concert. and the police union has voted to boycott all together. they'll work to fill the security need because they said
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not doing so would be a a security. >> we have the thunder bird seven, kevin walsh. >> thunder birds one through six, demonstration. and operations officer, and eight is the maintenance officers. >> amy: many would say you have one of the coolest jobs in america. is that surreal for you? >> it is. my parents went to the original woodstock together. i don't thinks they imagined me greg up to be a fighter pilot. thought i could do, and the fact that it's happening is still a surprise when i wake up. >> wow.
7:39 am
out in las vegas where you are based, fly here, touch down, and you go away. but what do we not know about your job? >> the main job to do air shows around the country. what people don't necessarily see or understand is the amount of train going on to see that look as professional as it does. we fly in the training season two or three months long to put a good professional show in the beginning of march. >> amy: what most people don't know, you are married, and have two kids. >> we have a normal life. 228 days on the road is tough on the family and 9 kids. my wife is a champ. she takes care of the two little ones and i know they're in good hands. >> amy: what do the kids think? >> they think it's cool. getting out and seeing the airplanes and the suit is certainly a kick for them.
7:40 am
here, 600 miles per hour to get from vegas to hear? >> unfortunately, we -- vegas to here? >> we can't make it on one tank of gas. we have a tanker to escort. aerial refuel and in order to make the distance. and a b17 cargo plane. taking support equipment to every location that we go to. >> amy: you took chase and bill elliot a couple days ago. >> it was amazing. >> amy: give us one of the most memorable flights that you did? >> definitely the most fun. bill and chase. i flew bill elliot. and major flew chase. we did it as a two ship. a thunderbird first to be a father/son event. we took off together and flew some formation as well.
7:41 am
them. >> john: if you have vips, do you try to make them pass out? >> no, no. that's a rumor i would love to dispel. >> john: whatever the code word is. knock out. >> no. it's designed to be a fun and enjoyable experience. getting air sick and passing out that. >> john: it doesn't work. >> the jets and the entire thunderbird organization is dedicated to the person. going fast. >> i think it was an eye opening. but to be hannest, we were just in as you of as awe ofi3i them. >> who are you rooting for? >> i am rooting for chase. a great family and experience. i hope he's able to close it out here. >> john: major kevin walsh. thunderbird seven. >> amy: thank you. we had a lot of fun talking to you. >> john: a the love the pictures
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there's a lot behind.
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and a media frenzy as well. born to be wild look at all the people! welcome back to "good day orlando" on this friday morning. we're so glad you're with us. we're live from daytona international speedway all morning. john and amy are actually hanging out there and looking at all things daytona 500. it's coming up on sunday. we'll check back in with them in a couple of minutes. >> and look at all of the haulers and all the equipment. big business. justice antonin scalia will
7:46 am
>> the president and first lady intend to pay their respects. but the president will not be going to the funeral tomorrow. they are saying that it'll be joe biden attending the funeral. traveling to the site of this helicopter crash. five people were on board when the helicopter crashed yesterday. carrying six passengers to earth's upper atmosphere. it crashed in 2014 killing the pilot of that jayme king is getting ready to look for some fish there. you are not fishing, even though you would love to? >> jayme: there's always that temptation. i'm a working man with a plan, and i have to reel myself in, so to speak. ryan newman walking around,
7:47 am
a lot going on. it's come to life since our arrival in the darkness of the early morning. right now temperatures are slowly adjusting upwards. and the sun is coming on up. i do want to stress again that it's a cool morning. if you are heading out here about now, maybe to put a fleece on or a jacket. and it's sweater weather for sure. later today, the whole ball game changes. we have clouds on the infrared sat highlight blowing in -- satellite blowing in off the atlantic. we continue can east, northeast breezes. at least it's not as cold as it was this time last year for this great american race. the start of the weekend was an ice box. it was absolutely frigid. a bit of a different feel this year as we advance next to the 500 race graphic here. tomorrow, saturday, 73. on race day, i think the winds
7:48 am
an influence of the ocean. 75 with high passing clouds. the main thing is a pleasant weather on the eastern third of the nation. out in the rockies, it's been a different ball game. the seven-day forecast is going to be influenced by this feature, as we look for rain chances to come up good and plenty late monday and tuesday night. and i think it's a good idea to keep it here to fox 35 and we'll keep you upto date on the latest weather happenings. we may see a couple stronger storms during that time. but highs for race weekend is 72 to 75. the 58th running of the daytona 500 kicking-off here on sunday,
7:49 am
>> gina: time now for your weather baby. this is connor. producer amanda's little boy. he is the cutest. look at those cheeks and those beautiful eyes. i love him. can you tell? if you want your weather baby featured on gdo, go to and click on weather baby. time now for your fox 35 drive drive traffic -- live drive traffic. a partial roadblock at turkey lake road. partially blocked near paw street. use caution traveling through that area. we have another partial roadblock at lake nona and narcoossee. be aware of that as well. take, a look at drive times. ivanhoe 4 westbound looking nice i-4 westbound. and i-4 east bound, attractions to downtown, 14 minutes. 7:49.
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we have a look behind the scenes of media day at the daytona 500. it's a crazy scene, even for the drivers who are used to this kind of media buzz. there's a lot of hype going on for the race. john and aim amy are live at the speedway. amy getting her credential
7:51 am
and there they are this morning. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing
7:53 am
and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> amy: welcome back to the road show. the daytona 500. we're live at the track this morning for "good day orlando." you probably remember this from last year. kyle busch was in a major crash.
7:54 am
it was during the exfinity race. he slammed into an inner wall. inner concrete wall during the race on saturday night. it was one of the things where it was a freak accident. a lot of people didn't expect anyone to even come choas to the inner walls. kyle had a broken leg and foot. he was taken away in an ambulance to halifax center. he did really well in the canam last night. and more safety barriers were put in place after the crash. a lot of the wives and girlfriends of the racers are saying what's going on, you have to fix the inner walls, and they did. they got on it right away. >> and they did. it's much safer. we had joie chitwood earlier, and he said it's amazing what we can do with $400 million while the nfl teams can't seem to get a billion dollars stadium built without tax dollars.
7:55 am
>> amy: you watch nascar, a lot the graphics, videos, and head turn, do you wonder how they get that stuff? >> john: fox 35 tom johnson gives an idea of what media day is like. >> reporter: we have one race rays in the books. the sprint unlimited. and now time for the season to begin with the daytona 500 this weekend. today is media day at the track. and the driver it's talk about the season ahead. we have backstage access. >> it all happens inside what is normally the exclusive 500 club. the ground floor is ground zero. the front half of the rooms is for the networks. >> reporter: and fox sports front and center. everywhere you look, nascar
7:56 am
while some talk to the print media. >> you have to go on the other side to check it out. >> reporter: others bhosk camera to camera talking to local tv tv crews. and bubbal wallace said it's chaos sometimes. >> it's like, what is next? you have a schedule. the last thing becomes the second thing. it's a big jumbo of stuff. >> reporter: tons of photo, lots of memorabilia, and sessions reading questions for jeopardy. the overriding reason for all of this is the media getting everything needed for the entire season ahead. and that includes the tracks on the circuit too. >> you can bring your hands up to your head. >> reporter: this shoot will end up on the big screen inside texas motor speedway on big hoss tv. >> the number one chance to get
7:57 am
we knock it out in one day. >> reporter: one day. >> controlled chaos. a managed chaos. that's pretty much what it is. >> reporter: fox 35 news. >> amy: chaos but so much fun. >> john: it is a lot of fun. the first year danica patrick was here. it was nuts. you couldn't get around here. >> amy: she's so pretty and talented. fans can walk up into the fan zone and watch them working on their cars and it's amazing in the garage area. >> john: so much different than the pro-athletes we get to meet. they talk to all of the fans here when they have the access. it's a cool environment. >> amy: we'll talk live with jeff gordon and darryl darrell wall trip.
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their party. i love getting to do this every year. i crash their party when they do the national broadcast.
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